Term enrolment Form informs staff which class, day, and time that members would like to participate in. 

If you are a new member to Altitude in 2019 please go to Trial Class and fill in the trial class form, as you cannot enrol into a class, without first participating in a trial class. Term enrolment forms are ONLY for members who have already participated in classes previously.

It is not a requirement for members to fill in the Registration form every year, however if your details have changed from 2018, (phone number, email, additional siblings) please ensure that you have filled in the 2019 Registration Form . New members will be required to fill in the Registration Form after they have participated in their trial class.

For School holiday session enrolment please see school holiday enrolment form.


2019 TERM 2


  • Monday 29th April to Saturday 6th July - 10 Week Term.

  • Earlybird payments for Term 2 must be received before or on Saturday 13th April 2019.

  • Notice to withdraw from Term 2 must be received before or on Saturday 13th April 2019


Please select type of payment for Enrolment *
Registered Student *
Registered Student
Under 5 yrs
4 & 5 yrs
6 - 9 yrs (Beginners)
6 - 9 yrs
Free-G Junior
6 - 9 yrs
Acro-Skills Junior Advanced
8 - 11 yrs - Not open to beginners
Acro-Skills Senior
Over 9 yrs
Over 9 yrs - Beginner
Over 9 yrs
Over 9 yrs
Tumble Advanced
Advanced Class Requires Assessment
Free-G Senior
Over 9 yrs
Development Tramp & Tumbling
Must attend 2 or more days per week.
One day per week attendance. If possible attend Tumbling class as second day optional.
Tramp Junior Levels
Tramp Senior Levels
Tumbling Levels


  • Age and Ability restrictions - Children need to be a certain age or ability level for specific classes.

  • Kindergym - Children should be walking and can be up to 5 years. Mum or Dad must be involved.

  • Minigym – Children must be 4 or 5 years of age – can be older under special circumstances. No parental assistance - Child needs to be confident and ready to be independent of parent.

  • Gym-Fun – Is the beginner class for children 6 yrs to 9 yrs. 

  • Gym-Skills – Is the beginner class for “tweens” and teens 9 yrs and over

  • All classes ending in the word “fun” – classes are for children 6yrs to 9 yrs.

  • All classes ending in the word “skills” – classes are tweens and teens 9 yrs and over*

  • *Acro-Skills Junior – participants are between 8 and 11 years, these children are more advanced than acro-fun but too young to attend Acro-skills.

  • Free-G – which is like Parkour / Free Running / Ninja Warrior, Jnr classes one hour, Snr class 1.25 hr classes

  • Team-Gym – This exciting 1.5 hr class, is the first step into competition gymnastics.  It is a non-threatening team event, where participants compete in a team comprising of between 6 and 12 team-members.  They learn Tumbling, Acrobatic Group and Individual skills as well as Single Mini-tramp elements. Requirements for this class are minimum skills eg: Forward and Backward roll, Cartwheel, and also regular attendance each week is essential. Events are usually in Term 3 and Term 4.

  • Levels – are competition classes, where athletes will compete at club, regional and state events.


  • If class enrolments don’t reach minimum numbers for each term, then classes are subject to cancellation.  Please ensure that enrolment forms are sent in and deposit or full-fees are paid early, to avoid classes being cancelled.