Important Info of Parents


The parking policy has had to be established, due to the potential risks facing children in the parking area and child safety, this policy is in place to minimize the movement of cars and ensure the safety of our children.  Furthermore, it is also to ensure that there is no risk to our tenancy, by Altitude members upsetting our neighboring businesses and residents. 

Kindergym parents attending MORNING Kindergym / Minigym classes during the week – Monday to Friday will be permitted to park in the parking spots onsite. There are 4 spots directly out the front of the entryway and there are 6 spots at the side of the building, accessed via the back gate in Kaleski st.

There is also ample street parking out to the side of the premises in Kaleski st and the front of the premises in Church rd. 

All other classes – including Saturday MORNING Kindergym & Minigym– must only park on the street.

Please don’t park in Unit 2’s parking

At NO time should anyone from Altitude be parking in the spaces allocated for Unit 2 on our premises at any time.  We cannot risk having any parking issues with our neighbours, that could potentially cause tenancy issues for us. Please do not park in Unit 2’s car spaces, even if it is “after hours”.

Parents found parking in the spaces allocated for Unit 2, will be asked to move their car.  If a second offence occurs, the membership and therefore attendance at class, will be suspended. Once suspended, a meeting must be arranged with management, to discuss a resolution. Suspension from class will also forfeit fees paid for the class.


Drop-off Zone

During week-day afternoons and Saturdays there will be a drop-off zone in place at the side of our building.  Please proceed to the back gate to enter the premises. Then travel slowly down beside the building to the front of the building to drop off.  You can watch your children enter the building from this point.  Please exit via the front gate.

5 Minute Parking Spots

The are 6 car spaces besides our building, in the weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings is 5 Minute parking, in order for parents to do quick pick-ups and drop-offs

It is completely acceptable to drop and go.  However please make it a habit to park your car outside and walk inside to pick up your children who are not high-school aged - at the conclusion of their lesson.  We will not allow children to go outside without an older sibling or parent who are under 12. If your child is under 12 please do not pull INTO or park IN the driveway of the front gate

The Back Gat

The back gate will be closed 10 minutes prior to the last class of the day. Monday to Thursday it is 7.50. Friday is 6.50pm and Saturday it is 3.20pm.  The front main gate will remain open until the gym is closed.  


As we are located in a residential area, please ensure that your car radio/music system is on a quiet setting and that you are leaving in a quiet, respectful manner, so as to not disturb our neighbourhood.