Membership FAQ


Where can I park?

Please see our parking policy, for further details. 

However there is ample street parking on Church rd and Kaleski st. It is acceptable to stop and drop in the drop off zone, as long as you do not get out of your car.  

To access the drop off zone please drive to the back gate, found further along in Kaleski street.

No car should enter via through the front gate for any reason, all cars should exit via the front gate.

Kindergym parents attending MORNING Kindergym / Minigym classes during the week – Monday to Friday will be permitted to park onsite.

This does not apply to Saturday MORNING Kindergym.

At NO time should anyone from Altitude be parking in the spaces allocated for Unit 2.  As this could cause tenancy issues. No car should enter our premises via the front gate for any reason, all cars should exit via the front gate only.

For a more comprehensive overview please refer to the Altitude Parking Policy.

Are there any rules that we should be aware of?

Parents must NOT enter the gymnastic area for any reason.  (Unless attending Kindergym classes). 

Parents must NOT approach coaches while they are coaching.  Wherever possible, any questions regarding athlete progress, class issues, etc, should be discussed with the program manager Michelle - preferably when she is available and not on the floor coaching.  

Parents should not allow encourage their children to enter the gymnastic area unless they have been called on by the coach.  Children not attending class must be closely monitored and supervised at all times - they are not allowed to enter the gymnastic area. If new and not sure where to go, and you cannot see any non-coaching staff, please ask the front office staff for help.

Parents and spectators should not attempt to watch downstairs in the waiting zone, but should move upstairs for viewing and seating. This waiting zone area gets very congested, so we appreciate your co-operation in this matter. There should be no eating in the waiting zone.

Spectators must not take photos or videos from the seating area as this contravenes our privacy and child protection policies. You will be asked to delete photos and video footage from your phones if staff observe you taking photos and footage.

What do they wear?

Children need to wear gymnastic attire.  Leotard and bike shorts / tights for the girls and singlet / sport shorts for boys.  They may wear close fitting t-shirts and bike shorts / tights / sports shorts.  Clothes should be soft fabrics and be easy to move in.  

There are certain items of clothing that are not allowed – please see our policy regarding clothing and hair. No buttons, hooks, zippers, buckles, or pockets allowed on clothing.   No skirts, denim shorts, cargo pants, or loose tops allowed. No fairy-dress leotards, or clothing with ties or fringe.

We have a club t-shirts, singlets, tracksuits, available for purchase to wear to class.  Also girls and boys may purchase club training leotard/gym-suit from the gym-shop if they wish.  If cold, children should wear a skivvy under their t-shirt or leotard /gym-suit.  

Long hair must be tied back and off the face.  Socks are allowed, gymnasts do not generally wear footwear. However, socks are compulsory for Trampoline/DMT classes. 

Hoodies are not encouraged due to the choking danger, however if worn, the hood will be tucked in down the back of the participant by coaches.

We encourage thongs/sliders in summer and Ugg-boots in winter, so that these can easily be put on to visit the toilet during class.

Can I stay and watch?

Yes parents are welcome to stay and watch however there is limited seating available in the mezzanine. For parents of children who are doing Mini-gym classes, it is preferred that parents stay – but not compulsory.  On our high traffic days where there is sometimes not enough room, a roster may be put in place for all classes other than mini-gym so as to allow parents the opportunity to stay a few times during the term. Food can be consumed upstairs in the viewing area, or outside. Parents are welcome to use our kitchen facilities, however we do ask that you clean up after yourselves. Parents should also clean up after their children if they make a mess.

What to bring?

A bottle of water or cordial for re-hydration.  No fizzy drinks.  No glass bottles allowed in venue. We also sell water for $2 if you forget yours. Children attending Trampoline classes MUST bring socks.

Can I drop off pick up later?

Yes – as there isn’t huge facilities to cater for all parents to stay, please feel free to drop and go.  However please make it a habit to park your car and walk inside to pick up your children at the conclusion of their lesson.  We will not allow children who are under 10 years, to go outside without an older sibling or parent.

How much does it cost?

Fees can be found on our fees page. Any further enquiries, please email or call us.

No animals

Pets of any kind, are not allowed in venue at any time.

Are your coaches qualified?

Our coaches are qualified through the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) and the G-Educate Program provided by Gymnastics Australia.  The club and coaches are registered and affiliated with Gymnastics NSW and Gymnastics Australia.

As we are committed to training up new coaches, sometimes an assistant or junior coach will work together with an accredited coach, these assistant/junior coaches are in the process of training and becoming accredited

How do we progress participants into competitive programs?

Children who show potential for competitive gymnastics and/or have achieved specific gymnastics skills can ask to be considered for Development classes or competition squads. If children are feeling restless in recreational classes and would like to be challenged a little more there may be an opportunity at the conclusion of each term to move across into the development program. Please contact Michelle with your request.

What happens with Recreational Grading Week?

In weeks 8/9 of each term we will have a grading day during normal class time to assess your child’s development. This is an important part of our Recreational Program and it will gauge how your child is progressing, what their strengths are and areas in which they can improve.

If you are away for Assessments, we do not repeat it until next term so try to do a makeup class on another day in that week. Children who miss grading will usually be double-graded at the end of the following term.

If you wish to discuss your child’s progress, please call the office number to speak to Michelle or send an email to the gym.  Please don’t try to speak with your child’s coach at the beginning, end or during the class, this time is not appropriate as the coach has other classes and may not be able to answer your questions at that time.


The best way for us to communicate with you is through email so be sure to update these details with admin staff. General club news can be found on our Facebook page. You don’t require a Facebook account to look out our Facebook page – its just like a website   However if you DO have a Facebook account, please ‘like’ us or “follow” to receive our feeds. We also have Instagram.


Active Kids Vouchers

We accept the Active Kids vouchers, please apply online through Service NSW for your voucher and present the paperwork to our staff as soon as possible.  We have to apply to the Services NSW to redeem the $100 voucher – therefore we cannot credit your account with the $100 until the funds have been processed and we receive the funds from Services NSW.