Altitude Gym Fee Policy

We encourage all new and existing members to read through our 2018 fees policy prior to registering.

Annual Registration Fee 

All Altitude members attending classes must pay one of the below fees annually.  This fee is a 1 off payment in the calendar year and covers Registration and Insurance with Gymnastics Australia and Membership of Altitude. Please ensure that you receive your 2019 member pack upon payment of this fee.

Level1st Athlete2nd Sibling3rd Sibling4th Sibling
2018 REGO (competitive) $115 $105 $95 $90
2018 REGO (non-competitive) $75 $65 $55 $50
2018 REGO (non-comp/ Under 5 yrs) $55 $50 $50 $50

PLEASE NOTE: An athlete is regarded as a competitive athlete if they are in a competition class ie Levels, and has competed in a NSW state event.  If the athlete has not yet competed in a NSW trial or State Championship – an athlete is technically able to register as a non-competitive athlete, even if they are attending a competition class.  

Those athletes, who competed for the first time in 2017 in the Acro 1-3A trials, or at State Levels for Trampoline and Tumbling in 2017, are now regarded as competitive athletes and now pay the higher rate.  This does not include Team-Gym Athletes, who are regarded as non-competitive.

Families who have a combination of comp and non-comp athletes are still eligible for the family discount on the Rego fee. As listed above in the fees table.

This registration fee must be paid after trial visit and is non-refundable and non-transferable to another person. 

If the gymnast is transferring to Altitude from another club in the same calendar year – please inform office staff as GymNSW/GA insurance portion of the rego is waived.  


Term 1 Class Fees                                                                                                                                                  

Fees are to be paid by the term not class, the below fees reflect the total fee for a one class per week full term. Class fee discounts, such as family discount, and multi-class discounts, are also calculated by "per class / per term" .  They are all 5% off. Please contact our office for further information. 

Due to public holidays in Term 1, 2018, Monday and Friday classes are calculated by 10 weeks.  However classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday are calculated by 11 weeks.

Term ClassesLenght of Class11 Weeks Term
(Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Saturday Classes)
10 Week Term
(Monday & Friday Classes)
Kindergym 45 mins $189.00 $170.00
Mini-Gym 45 mins $187.00 $170.00
Gym-Fun 1 hour $198.00 $180.00
Acro-Fun 1 hour $198.00 $180.00
Tramp-Fun 1 hour $198.00 $180.00
Tumble-Fun 1 hour $198.00 $180.00
Free-G Jnr 1 hour $198.00 $180.00
Gym-Skills 1h 15mins $209.00 $190.00
Acro-Skills 1h 15mins $209.00 $190.00
Tramp-Skills 1h 15mins $209.00 $190.00
Tumbling-Skills 1h 15mins $209.00 $190.00
Free-G Snr 1h 15mins $209.00 $190.00
Tumbling Advanced 1h 30mins $220.00 $200.00
Tum or Tramp Dvl 1h 30mins $220.00 $200.00
Team-Gym 1h 30mins $220.00 $200.00
Tumbling Levels 1h 30mins $220.00 $200.00
GMT - Adult Fitness 1h 30mins $192.50 $175.00
Adult Gym 1h 30mins $192.50 $175.00
GMT + Adult Gym Combo 1h 45mins $214.50 $195.00

GMT - Adult Fitness, Adult Gym & GMT + Adult Gym Combo may be paid per month.

2 Day Package

2 Day PackageLenght of Class11 Weeks Term
(Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Saturday Classes)
10 Week Term
(Monday & Friday Classes)
Development 1 hr 30 mins x 2 $412.50 $375.00
Tra/Tum/Dvl/ Team 1 hr 30 mins x 2 $412.50 $375.00
Tramp Levels 1 hr 30 mins x 2 $412.50 $375.00

Active Kids Vouchers

We accept the Active Kids vouchers, please apply online for your voucher and present the paperwork to our staff as soon as possible.  We have to apply to the Services NSW to redeem the $100 voucher – therefore we cannot credit your account with the $100 until the funds have been processed and we receive the funds from them.